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E-A-R expands CONFOR foam line with non-halogenated formulations

E-A-R Specialty Composites has developed environmentally friendly formulations of its highly damped, shock absorbing CONFOR foam. Intended for use in hard drives, computers and demanding clean room applications, CONFOR CF-EG foams are formulated without metallic or halogenated flame retardants. The new formulations also exhibit no silicone off-gassing. CF-EG foams are ideal for shock and padding protection in electronics applications.

The new CONFOR formulations are available in four stiffnesses. They are recognized UL94 HF-1 by Underwriter’s Laboratory at 2-mm and 2.5-mm thicknesses.

Even as thin as 2 mm, CONFOR CF-EG cushions and shock pads absorb and dissipate up to 97 percent of shock energy, without recoiling and amplifying the effect. In hard disk drives, they help protect against handling-related damage. In electronic devices, such as cell phones, laptop computers and digital handheld devices, they help prevent circuit boards from colliding, speakers from crashing into the shell and LCD screens from cracking. As speaker and microphone seals, they can reduce audio distortion and background noise.

Like all CONFOR formulations, CF-EG foams are engineered to compress and conform under sustained pressure, and to slowly rebound when the weight is released. But when the foams receive a direct impact, they behave like semi-rigid foams, resist collapse and absorb the impact internally.